Ok everyone. As I promised, here is the current map rotation we are using on the server now. For the last few months we have been requesting that we change up the rotation. SO we will do this voting into 2 votes. This is the first vote, which is "what maps from the current list would you like to see stay?" If you have not played some of these maps, please state the map(s) and I will reply to you with an attachment of the map file so you can go play it on your own time.

I will keep this vote open for about 1-2 weeks (maybe more). We encourage you to have other surf players come in here , take the time to register an account and get into the voting. With many things starting to be redone around here in TsM, the servers are my #1 priority to make sure its right and fair for everyone.

You can vote on multiple maps as a side note (thats the whole point). Also we will be putting a "type" in chat that players can do to direct them to this thread. It will unfortunately open ingame and they will have to register to vote, but I feel if people cared about the server they will register anyways (alot of cool shit happens when you do anyways)

EDIT#1 - I opened the vote to the public (No registering is required)

Happy Voting