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    TF2 Topic Beginners Guide to Trading in TF2

    I know there isnt a lot of people that do TF2 here but for the few that do, I will post a simple tut on trading.

    First thing we will start off with is metal.

    2 weapons = 1 scrap (.11 ref)
    3 scrap = 1 reclaimed (rec or .33 ref)
    3 reclaimed = 1 refined (ref)

    Most anything can be bought with refined metal or keys (will get into that later).

    After you craft some of the weapon you dont want/need in to metal and have some ref built up you can either goto a trade site or server and try to buy a hat or you can craft yourself one.

    If you choose to craft a hat, it takes 3 ref and you will get any 'ol random hat/misc in the game or if you have a couple hats you dont like/want, you can craft these together to make a new one (yea I know, 2 for 1 doesnt sound fair but its just a gamble you take) and lastly you can take 4 ref + 1 class token to make any hat/misc for that class you use the token for.

    Now you ask, whats the difference between all these different colors on the items?

    Yellow = Normal
    Blue = Vintage (was acquired before the Store was added to the game and are usually worth a little more than their normal counterpart when it comes to trading)
    Green = Genuine (items you get for prepurchasing a game on Steam)
    Orange = Strange (strange weapons keep your kill count with that weapon on them and displays it in game)
    Purple = Unusual/Haunted (most of the purple you will see are the unusual hats but this past Halloween, Valve released a costume for each class and they had a normal and Haunted where the Haunted was harder to get - you can tell the difference in the 2 because Unusuals when you put your mouse over them will say something like "Effect: XXXXXX") where the XXXXXX is the name of the effect on the hat.

    Once you start getting a collection of hats and metal you probably have a good idea of how the trading game goes so the next thing we will talk about it keys.

    Think of keys and metal in TF2 like this - keys are the dollars and the metal is the change.

    The primary use for a key is to open up crates which will give you anything from a weapon to a hat to a very very rare hat called an Unusual but they are used a lot in trading for higher end hats and misc items in the game too called Promos.

    Promos are the stepping stone into getting your 1st Unusual hat (the hats that have the animated effects on them).

    There is a lot that goes into trading TF2 stuff and it goes pretty in depth and also can be comparable to the Stock Market as the TF2 market goes up and down just like the Stock Market.

    If you need any help with a trade or have any questions, hit me up as Ive been doing it for quite a while now so I can probably help ya!

    Useful sites:

    This gives a good general price on everything in the game.

    TF2 Outpost

    Good trade site for your TF2 items, Portal 2 items and Steam inventory.

    TF2 Trading Post

    Another good trading site but you can only do TF2 items here.

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